If you are looking to eat healthy sure there are places where you can pick up a salad. The problem is that they get old pretty darn fast. So finding healthy ways to eat with some variety can be a challenge.

Meal prepping has been the thing that has become an important part of my journey. Eating healthy can help so many issues. Food and exercise is what you need. Finding a place that can help you on that journey is a win in my book.

I was out last night walking three miles with a friend. That walk always starts on Georgia Street. I remember looking over at the Pizza Hut on Georgia and wondering when that empty part of the building would get a new tenant. After the dessert place that was there closed it has sent empty.

My daughter tagged me in a Facebook post that answered that question. It also is going to help me with my healthy eating journey.

What Exactly is 80/20?

If you have done any research on what it takes to lose weight you know what 80/20 means. To be healthy, to lose weight you have to remember that 80% of that journey is the food you eat. The other 20% is the time you spend exercising. They are both important but you can exercise all you want but if you don't eat healthy you are wasting your time.

So a new place called 80/20 is opening in that location next to the Pizza Hut on Georgia. You will be able to grab a totally prepped for you meal that will be waiting in their refrigerator. You can also order custom-made meals.

I know that this is going to be something I will take advantage of on those days that I go walking with my friends. I will be getting my exercise in so it will be really important not to sabotage that by picking up a burger.

Their meals have several items to choose from to always keep them exciting. They are opening up to the public starting on Thursday, June 2nd. They will be open on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. Follow their Facebook page HERE.

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