Amarillo may soon do away with three red light cameras.

Before you Cowboy your way through the next yellow light be aware the city may also add six more.

Undoubtedly, now that most local drivers know their way through the monitored intersections and as enough New Mexican drivers aren’t getting tagged it makes sense to move them around.  Spread the paranoia.

There is a meeting at City Hall on Thursday at 11:30am.  It is expected a decision will be made to remove the red-light cameras at the following three intersections:

South Coulter and Elmhurst Drive

South Pierce and Southeast 11th

South Fillmore Street and Amarillo Boulevard

Then the Citizens Advisory Committee will meet and it is expected they will decide to install six new cameras at the following six intersections:

South Taylor and Southeast 10th

South Grand Street and I=40 (coming and going)

South Buchanan Street and Amarillo Boulevard

South Bell Street and Plains Boulevard

South Georgia and Southwest 26th

A time frame for the changes has not been disclosed.  It is also uncertain if the city can reuse the three old cameras the six new intersections.  Recycled camera or not, you’ll still need to pay the ticket, either way.

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