Spring is in the air.....OK, maybe not....but the thought that Amarillo is finally going to hit above freezing has to bring some hope or at least a light at the end of the tunnel for us. We are going to thaw out at some point, and we will be ready when we do, dang it. Hooray for Amarillo.

With our streets and our hearts thawing that just brings our attention to baseball here in Amarillo. Major League pitchers and catchers just reported for the season so this is the good news that we needed. The Amarillo Sod Poodles have also released their schedule for the 2021 season.

credit: Amarillo Sod Poodles
credit: Amarillo Sod Poodles

Looks like we will kick the season out on the road but baseball will be back at Hodgetown starting on May 18th. I know we can hardly wait.

After the year we had without any action. I mean COVID was not the way we wanted to follow up our inaugural championship season. No, not at all. We were one of the few stadiums that at least were able to have some sort of baseball for the fans to watch. Oh and the collegiate games were fun.....but we are ready for our Sod Poodles to return. We really are itching to get back to Hodgetown.

Of course their was the announcement that San Diego was moving their affiliation elsewhere. Then it was just a waiting game to see who would be our new team to cheer on. Yes, we knew they would still be the Sod Poodles, they are near and dear to our hearts but with which team will they be affiliated with?

We offered up to the Arizona Diamondbacks and then it was just a waiting game to see what will happen. Yes, they signed an agreement to be with us for ten years. That is awesome because once these guys can learn to play with our winds here in Amarillo it will certainly make them a threat in the majors in the desert.

So hey as the snow starts to melt the thoughts of covid cancelling everything and crazy panhandle snow are hopefully behind us.

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