Heck, we live in the Texas Panhandle so from time to time we even see about lost cattle. I mean why not? We have lost horses, I have seen a lost cow or two. We try to keep it from being boring that is for sure.

I will say that this latest post has to be a first for me.

Christy Tripp Rowley
Christy Tripp Rowley

A lost tortoise? Imagine walking out to the ally on your street to take out the trash and you come across a tortoise. I mean I am pretty sure he was easy to catch. Probably didn't put up much of a fight. Just had to be a strange sight.

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As I am following the post it gets interesting. I watch as other people in Amarillo tag other friends, to let them know. Then they get on to say that is not their missing turtle. Do we have a huge missing tortoise problem here in the Texas Panhandle?

Do the turtles and tortoises of the community all have this master plan to escape and meet up somewhere? I feel there may be a bigger story to this.

The more I think about it the more I believe this theory. My daughter had a silver dollar turtle growing up. We kept it in a plastic swimming pool in my front yard. Then just one day it was missing. Our theory? A dog, a cat, or a bird came by and picked it up, and poof it was gone.

Now I feel that the turtle may have been part of a bigger conspiracy. Maybe my tiny turtle grew up after all of these years. Maybe this is mine. Yeah, probably not, since this is a tortoise but something happened to our turtle.

Here is to hoping this tortoise and all missing turtles in Amarillo find their way home.

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