Even with all the different coffee shops in Amarillo, sometimes we don't want to sit and wait for that cup of joe to be brewed or made.

When I'm headed into work, if I see more than two cars sitting in line at the drive thru, I'm more inclined to just stop at a convenience store and grab a cup there so I can get moving with my day.

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Some will tell you that gas station coffee (as it's affectionately known as) is far inferior to something you find at an actual coffee place. I wouldn't say that's ENTIRELY true.

Now, I'm just a regular coffee drinker. I don't order fancy drinks at coffee shops, and I avoid the flavored coffee at all convenience stores. I'm good with just a simple house blend or dark roast.

There are many though who want that flavor in the coffee, then doctor it up however they deem best. One of the coffees I see mentioned the most that Amarillo residents rave about is the Texas Pecan flavor at Toot'n Totum.

It's the one my wife goes to any time she gets a coffee there before a baseball tournament, or if she's simply in a hurry and needs that pick me up. It also seems to be a favorite of many here in Amarillo, and now people want to know if they can buy the Texas Pecan coffee beans.

A thread on Reddit gave many different options of what they felt and deemed to be the closest to it, but there wasn't one person who actually said WHAT the exact bean was they used.

However, there was one response that mentioned all you have to do is ask someone there and they will most likely either tell you what it is or find out for you. The bigger question is, do they make the bean available to the public or is it something specifically for them?

I'm actually curious now, so if anyone working at Toot'n Totum has the answer, please hit me up. If I can snake the beans myself, you'll make my life at home pretty awesome with wifey.

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