The news came out early last month that the Donut Stop was closing in Canyon. That place was a mainstay on 23rd as you made your way into Canyon. It was a fixture in the donut community.

Don't worry, though, Canyon is doing just fine with Got Donuts. They do have a significant following.  So not all donuts are lost in the city of Canyon. Except for maybe the next several days.

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Got Donuts had made an announcement on both of their locations pages, the one in Amarillo and the one in Canyon stating they were going to be closed.

The good news is that it is a planned closing. Also that it is going to be temporary. July is a popular month for vacations and I think that is what this is. Just know you will not be able to go to either location until July 14th. Which, yes, I know seems like a long time. Especially when we are talking about donuts.

So when you drive by one of their locations and see them closed do not freak out. They will be open again soon.

I get it. In Amarillo, we have a few other choices for donuts. Poor Canyon, though, does not. They will be counting down the days for sure.

Got Donuts
Got Donuts

I know their donuts will be missed but don't forget about their other breakfast items too. Nothing beats a great kolache. I think I will miss them the most. Luckily the 14th is less than ten days away.

Oh and I know we are counting down for real.

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