Amarillo Author Ryan McSwain is releasing his first novel on September 5th called Monsters All the Way Down.

Ryan McSwain

Ryan McSwain

After a routine DNA background check, Brennan Wade is on the run for murders he does not remember committing. Pursued by a shadow agency, he fights to clear his name and catch the true killer. Brennan forges an uneasy alliance with Joan Runciter, the only woman to survive an attack, and together they delve into a world of secret history and ancient horror. As the body count rises and his true nature is revealed, Brennan must decide if the world’s salvation is worth his own corruption.


Ryan will have his book release party and signing at the First Friday Art Walk at Sunset Center Art Galleries on Friday, September 5th at 7pm.  He will be located at the Ken Wampler's Art Studio & Gallery, Suite 93A.

Softcover copies of the book will be $15. You can also purchase digital copies for $5.

“I wanted to create something unique and engaging, and I think I’ve accomplished that,” says McSwain. “I love hearing how excited readers get when they talk about this book. I’m a stay-at-home dad, and finding time to work and still be a good parent is difficult. But publishing a novel is something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time, and I’m sure Monsters All the Way down will be the first of many.”

You can also purchase his book on Amazon and other retailers.