Over the weekend we took to the air once again with the show that invites you to buy, sell, and trade.

It's The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon and we do it every Saturday morning from 9am-noon.  It's want ads on the radio phoned in by our listening audience.  It's serious business that we don't take too seriously.


We ask our callers a poll question before they give their items.  It's an effort to better get to know you and provides a running stream of thought during the program.

I recently began collecting Dallas Cowboys books.  I've been following the team since I was five years old and being a fan is one of my favorite things.

I'm also a big reader.  I read a lot of history and science.  I also like to read about the Dallas Cowboys.  About a year ago I discovered there have been hundreds of books published about the Cowboys.  I also discovered I could purchase many of these titles through Amazon at prices as low as $.01 up to more than you'd want to pay.  I've been collecting Dallas Cowboys books and now boast a library of 77 books, with more on the way and many more to purchase.

My primary bookcase was already filled to the brim with books.  I began pricing bookcases in a effort to find both one sturdy enough, with room for expansion, and in a finish that matches my current bookcase and curio.  I had no idea how proud the furniture industry as a whole is of bookcases.  You can drop $400 on a small one easy and they just go up from there.

I have decided instead of getting a new bookcase, I am going to clear room from my current bookcase for the Cowboys books.  Which means I'm going to have a lot of books looking for a new home.  The problem being, where do I donate the books? Many places won't take them anymore, highly unlikely I could sell them and I don't want to toss them in the dumpster.  But with the proliferation of e-reading the demand for old school books has decreased.

What do you do with all the books?

We got several decent suggestions including, donate to the library, jail, military, VA, nursing home, and the hospital.  I was encouraged to make the books into wall art, a lamp, or furniture.  It was suggested I bequeath them or have an apartment sale.

All good suggestions.  Now the hard work begins, culling the herd and adding the new books.


Along with the regular rules of the program, I always bring you a special rule #6.  It changes every week and is sometimes inspired by something that happened to me over the previous week.

Sunday was Valentine's day and I decided to go with a Valentine's day tip.  This one was regarding cards.  It feels like I can go through a hundred cards and while each one might be close to the sentiment I want to impart, there is often a line or two that doesn't fit the recipient.  I used to go nuts trying to find the perfect card.  Then I discovered a solution.

When sending a card to my significant other, daughter, or mom, I usually include a letter.  It doubles the value of the card.  And while ladies really love to get cards, they love a letter more.  Why not do both?  Try it the next time you send an important card, you'll be pleased with the response.  And you gain the ability to say exactly what you want, regardless of a stray line or two on the card.

Rule #6: Fill you Valentine's Day card with more love by including a letter.

We hope to hear from you on the next Trade-A-Thon!  See you Saturday at 9am.