So here we are in the month of October. Of course Oktoberfest is a thing. Just like we are all Irish at St Patrick's Day we are all a bit German in October. All the great German food and the great German Beer. This is the time to try it all.

Of course Oktoberfest is a little different this year as a lot of it is going virtual....or at least make sure you take all the goodness home. I was happy to see that one of my favorite pizza's will be making it's way back on the menu at Fireslice Pizzeria this month.

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It’s called the Rammstein and it is everything this German Girl would want. It has a mustard sauce, bratwurst, 3 cheeses, onions and mushrooms. Yummy. Oh and they have sauerkraut as an optional topping but being German that is not an option. That is a yes please!

I just loved everything about it! The tanginess of the mustard and sauerkraut. The cheesiness of the cheese...oh and the brat! Yes, it pleased this German Girl. So seeing it back on the menu means I will have to get me another one for the occasion.

A lot of times when I eat pizza I will dip it in ranch or blue cheese. I made sure I had some ready but I took a few pieces and dipped it in even more mustard. It was fabulous.

So if you like to try something a little bit different than the same ol’ you always get. I would suggest this fabulous pizza. But as you know it is the Pizza of the Month at Fire Slice so I wouldn’t wait too long.

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