With all of this talk of Coronavirus we know the best way to avoid it is by washing our hands. We have to be more diligent in doing just that. Just think of all the stuff we touch throughout the day.

Our cell phones are covered in germs, doorknobs, our computers etc. So we can not really wash our hands too much. Do you also know that the time we take to wash our hands is important too?

World Health Organization is encouraging people to wash their hands more because of the coronavirus. They say you should scrub your hands for 20 seconds before rinsing and drying. The Centers for Disease Control recommends singing Happy Birthday twice as you wash because the chorus of the song is 20 seconds long.

The suggested length of time to get all those germs off is 20 seconds. We need to vigorously scrub our hands together for that long to make a difference. How can we make sure we are washing them long enough? Well we can make it fun.

Sing a song that you like (maybe in your head if you are in a public place.) Though, I will think that maybe your singing may make someone smile. Who knows. Just choose a song with a chorus that you will enjoy singing. Anything you enjoy you will make a habit out of. Anything you make a habit of like washing hands can keep us all healthier.

So what is your favorite song? Mine is Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" that chorus is definitely long enough to get me to my 20 seconds to cleaner hands. So I feel you can find a song that could help you too.

Some suggestions? How about "Africa" by Toto? Are you a big Prince fan? You can use "Raspberry Beret." If you are trying to get your kiddos to wash more how about teaching them to wash their hands while singing "Baby Shark"? I know it might drive you crazy....but getting a cold, flu or worse would drive you crazier with all the doctor appointments and medicines.

So choose a song and get to washing. What song will you use? Comment below.

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