Things are opening back up around the country- which means us humans need to get some things in order before we are reintroduced to the world. It seems like not too long ago, people were stocking up on toilet paper, now it looks like other grooming supplies are flying off the shelves.

According to the Wall Street Journal and Fortune, there are six different items that are selling at a fast pace that indicate people across the country are getting ready to travel and to be seen in public once again. Here are eight items people are stocking up on:

1. Luggage: As people get ready to travel, luggage sales are up 400% from last year.  In general, all travel-related products are selling well right now. After a year of no traveling, I myself am getting ready to travel! I definitely got a new luggage and neck pillow!

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2. Alarm Clocks: Walmart says it sold twice as many alarm clocks last month compared to a year ago. Probably because people are getting ready to go back to their work place and need something louder than their phone to wake them up!

3. Teeth Whitening Strips: Masks are coming off and our teeth need to look their best!

4. Party Supplies: Party supply sales have more than doubled as people are starting to have actual celebrations.  Balloon sales are also up 50%- they were all the rage this past year especially with drive-by parties!

5. Warm weather clothes: after being in leggings and pajamas for the past year, people are ready to head for sunny weather. Clothing sales are up 60% from last year.

6. Razors and other shaving-related products.  For both men and women. Men are no longer into the lumberjack look, and well, for women, I guess it's time to shave our legs.

7. Condoms and other sexual health products, up 32%- at least people are being safe!

8. Deodorant- I don't think this one needs an explanation. My only question is: were people NOT buying this during the past year?

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