For a year and a half we've all been going a little stir crazy because of stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that everything is opening back up, it seems like we are just going a little crazy. A lot of people have been going out and partying their faces off and it shows in the uptick in things like DUIs and videos of people doing crazy things while they are out and about at various entertainment districts here in El Paso.

One business in a central El Paso entertainment district has seen more than its fair share of craziness from people who might possibly maybe have had a little too much nighttime fun. The videos uploaded on Instagram by the owner of a local business show a couple of people who are clearly not in control of their vehicles slamming into a dumpster and head on into a van from the Perches Funeral Home. Check out all three videos of these, allegedly, drunk people:

According to one person who commented on the video post, a man who was driving one of the vehicles in the video got out of the car and was bleeding profusely. He and a girl who was also in the car were offered help by the witnesses but ran off before emergency crews could get there.

Stuff like this is totally avoidable if you would just grab an Uber or a taxi if you plan on getting, allegedly, drunk. Not only could you hurt yourself, you might also hurt someone else. And if you're caught you will face thousands of dollars in fines, possible arrest and conviction of DUI, and a crazy spike in your car insurance. Stop being Insta famous and get a dang Uber home.

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