It's been about a month and a half since I moved here, some things are awesome, some questionable, but mostly I'm feeling at home. Here are a few things I've noticed since moving to Amarillo.

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    It Stinks.

    The smell of money is what the locals call it. I've never had any currency smell like that. People are telling me I'll get used to it. But when the smell of death rolls through, I just can't... Will I ever get used to it?

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    Getty Images

    Why Do The Lanes Suddenly End?

    I've been driving for quite some time, I've been in many cities in many states. But here in Amarillo, they FORCE you to turn right. But not consistently, I'm driving along Bell and all the sudden *BOOM* right turn only. But it's not consistent, sometimes it's a right turn only, sometimes it's not. It doesn't make sense, who designed this?

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    Getty Images/RooM RF

    Why Are Exits on The Freeway So Short?

    From 65 to a red light and NOTHING in between. Was Amarillo not expecting to have a major interstate run through it? I'm a confident driver, but the exits on I-40 are stuntman work.

  • Toot n' Totum Twitter
    Toot n' Totum Twitter

    Drive-thru Toot n' Totum?

    First of which, Toot n' Totum is the best thing since Quik Trip. They top this because you can go through a drive through without leaving your vehicle to get snacks and drinks! Ultimate Laziness, or just on the go.

  • Roasters Facebook
    Roasters Facebook

    Commitment to Coffee

    Screw Starbucks, Roasters is where it's at! There are some REALLY good coffee places here in Amarillo. I am taking advantage of this.

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