I was driving around Amarillo,Texas this past weekend looking for a place to eat lunch and there are a bunch of new restaurants opening up. I actually didn't know where to eat at with all the new great food being offered.  All these new establishments that have opened here look really delicious.I know there are restaurants in other cities that we would love to see in Amarillo, but these new restaurants that have come to town look super good and have a great establishing look to them!

You might have seen Aspen Creek Grill, The Rib Crib, Fuzzy Tacos, Longhorn Steakhouse, and Palio's Pizza, Pasta & Subs. They are all new places in Amarillo and I had a chance to eat at a handful of these places.

The burgers at Aspen Creek grill were amazing! I was surprised.  When you order a burger, of any kind, they all come with not one, but two patties!

I also had a chance to eat at The Rib Crib on their first day opening.  They specialize in serving ribs and have tons of different BBQ sauce to choose from. Delicious!


I first had a chance to eat at Fuzzy tacos years ago in Fort Worth, Texas and its been years since I've had a chance to eat it again! They just opened up in Amarillo, and the tacos are just as great as the ones I ate in Fort Worth. The service was great and the food wasn't that expensive!




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