If Hollywood were to reboot "Thelma & Louise" it might look something like this.

Tuesday afternoon employees of the Amarillo Target we attempting to detain a female shoplifter from leaving the premises.  That's when an accomplice, a second female, rammed a pickup truck into the store front, gathered her partner and fled the scene.

Extensive damage to the front doors was left in the wake of the two women as they headed east-bound, towards and eventually on to I-40 speeding at a high rate of speed towards Conway in Carson County.

After an attempt by a motorcycle officer to cease their flight they continued down i-40 with authorities slowly closing a perimeter on the pair.

Spike strips were successfully deployed in the vehicles path and the disable truck came to a stop around mile marker 99 on I-40 in Carson County.

DPS officials quickly learned the truck was reported car jacked out of Albuquerque earlier in the day.

The authorities state there were no injuries reported anywhere from Target to Conway.  No arrest details or names of the pair were made available.


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