It’s no secret that Texas hosts a great deal of old, abandoned houses scattered throughout its towns and cities. But some of these houses reek of something strange, something that could only be described as “ghostly”. The mere aura of these houses are enough to keep explorers away out of fear of what may lurk in the shadows.

But that did not stop this YouTuber named "Exploring and Paranormal" who recently took his viewers on an spooky journey through an abandoned haunted house in Texas. As his name would suggest, this Youtuber explored every nook and cranny that this house had to offer.

Throughout the video, this youtuber referred to the house as the "Michael Myers House." Although it can be clearly seen that this house is not the house featured in the 1978 horror classic, it doesn't take long to see why it would be referred to as such. The abandoned residence is reminiscent of the house, and just looks like the kind of house that harbors some sort of evil spirit or has a dark history.

Local Legends From The House

Although the Youtuber never reveals the town where this house is located, a quick dive into the comments gave us an idea of where it may be located along with some spooky stories.

“This is in my hometown, Aspermont, Tx. This house always gives the creepy vibes, especially at night. To answer your question... Nope, I would never stay the night there alone”


The guy that lived there left it just a few days before he died, which was in 2004 (I believe). He only used the kitchen and room right off of it, that's why there is a bed in there


Thats in aspermont tx i lived in the house behind it and actually explored that house at night


My hometown. The house has been vacant for about 25 years. It was in bad shape even when Granvel Martin lived there in the mid 90’s. His children all lived off and after he passed they pretty much just left everything.

After attempting to check Google Maps to find this house, it could not be located due to the limited accessibility of street view in this town. This may mean that the house could be relatively isolated, adding even more to the intrigue and spookiness of the house.

Although it is an interesting watch, there is no confirmation on whether this Youtuber was trespassing on private property. It is important to remember that despite the allure, urban exploration can get you in trouble if you wander into the wrong abandoned building. So remember, if you want to look into a spooky house or building, you might be better off doing your exploration from home from the computer screen.

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