Severe weather is upon us here in Texas. A strong thunderstorm moved on through parts area producing a couple of tornadoes that touched ground. 

Six people died in a tornado that hit the town of Granbury, Texas leaving a trail of destruction. The Granbury neighborhoods were left unrecognizable. Emergency responders couldn't tell one street from another in one area of Granbury where homes were ripped from foundations and others turned to rubble.

The overnight tornado caused total devastation. Debris were hanging from utility lines, and half of one home was torn away while the other half remains standing. This destructive tornado was 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth and it wasn't the first time strong storms moved through the area.

Last april tornadoes moved through parts of the area ripping up trees, destroying communities, tossing semi truck trailers. This storm could have been worse, but knowing what to do when severe weather strikes saved lives. Maybe it is time to start talking to your family about severe weather safety.

Are you and your family prepared for the severe weather that strikes the Texas panhandle?

perry.samson @ Flickr