Many of us remember seeing the news of the Pak A Sak that had burned down. Since that time, construction has resumed on the spot.

Today, with the extreme winds, that construction has suffered a setback. As one person said online, "It's just not meant to be."

The spot seems to be cursed now. You can see in the photos where the wind basically hit the "reset button" on construction.

Credit: Shannon Lewis TSM Amarillo

In these photos, the frame that had been standing now just looks like a pile of wood that no one has done anything with.

Credit: Shannon Lewis TSM Amarillo

A post on Reddit had a photo before everything was reduced to a pile of sticks.

Pak a Sak on Bell just can’t catch a break from r/amarillo

Today's winds have been damaging signs and buildings all over town. Check out this collection of photos we have that we are still adding to.

If you have to travel at all, do so with extreme caution. TXDOT has discouraged any travel at all, especially for tractor trailers.