So a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a local Facebook group that goes by the name "Whose Hoe Is This"? Let me tell you, going through this Facebook made me glad that I am single.

This Facebook group is pretty much a forum for Amarillo and surrounding towns to expose known cheaters, or to inquire about someone that you suspect to be a cheater.


This group is not your typical cheater-exposing platform. They don't just post screenshots of incriminating messages or blurry photos of a suspicious couple or married men sliding into DMs. No, no, no. They take it to a whole new level.

Not only do they expose cheaters, but they've got a pretty crazy circulation of memes going around too. And these might be some of the most out-of-pocket memes that you'll ever see.

The group's members are quick to post and comment with their own witty remarks and jokes, making the whole experience feel like a giant roast session. But don't let the humor fool you. The group is serious and committed to exposing the uncommitted and has even helped a few members catch their unfaithful partners.

So if you're a cheater in Amarillo, you might want to start watching your back. Or, better yet, change your ways and avoid becoming a meme on this group's page. And for the rest of us, let's sit back and enjoy the show as the "Amarillo Cheater-Exposing Humor" group takes down infidelity one post at a time.

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