When you think of Texas music, what's the first thing you think of? Go ahead and think about it for a second....

See it's hard to pinpoint just ONE artist or ONE sound, because there have been MANY artists from all different genres that have called Texas their home.

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You have country with huge names such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings or George Strait, who is the official "King Of Country".

Then you have many ROCK artists that have flourished from the state of Texas:

  • Don Henley from The Eagles is a Texan,
  • Stephen Stills from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is a Texan,
  • and who can forget...

And that's just CLASSIC rock. You've had many bands from the 90s flourish in the alternative rock world. Spoon & Butthole Surfers come to mind. Oh and who can forget the band that practically kept metal ALIVE during the 90s, PANTERA.

There's modern metal bands that continue to represent Texas in today's music world; one of the biggest is Nothing More from San Antonio, but trust me... they're not the only bands that waving the Texas flag loud & proud in today's music scene:

Of course I couldn't talk about Texas music without mention that we've had pop stars (Nelly, Beyoncé), jazz musicians (Ornette Coleman), Latin artists (Selena or Vikki Carr).. I mean when you really look at the list of Texas musical artists... the list is quite vast.

I couldn't possibly list every single once but If you want to see a list of 40 of the greatest musicians from Texas, you can see a full list down below.

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40 Of The Best Musicians Born In the Lone Star State

Texas has been home to a wide variety of musical genres; many musicians have become staples of rock, metal, pop, country & more. Here are some of the greatest musicians to ever represent the state of Texas.

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