Just when you think Covid-19 is over and live music is about to make a comeback... you go through your Facebook feed and see this nice little gem...

What makes this so bad is not so much that it was cancelled, but that this the second year in a row it's been called off. The silver lining is that tickets will be honored. While that's fine and dandy, the way the world works makes it hard to reschedule these kind of plans. Most of us already have it hard enough finding the time to get time for these festivals. Hotel reservations, vacation requests, and what to do with the kids if they aren't coming with you, all of those and more. It can be a real bummer...

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If you don't happen to be familiar with the Luck Reunion, Basically it's a festival that takes place along the banks of the Pedernales River just west of Austin in Spicewood Texas. The Town of Luck itself is really the remains of the movie set used for "Red Headed Stranger." It's a lot more than a place though. Anyone who has been can tell you that it basically is like a you never know who's going to show up jam fest that pretty much runs like an Anti Festival, of course there is plenty of comfort food and merchants to round out the music experience and just because Willie Nelson is involved let's just get this out there.. a little bit of weed too.

What makes festivals like these so great is they are a great escape from reality and these days we need that more and more. So here's to 2022...

Wait are we already talking about that?!

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