Around this time of year, fish becomes to go-to-meal on Fridays for those who have to. This can make dining out a bit difficult considering the fact that we live in an area of the world that likely eats meat more than anyone else. I mean seriously, we live less than an hour from "the meat capital of the world".

When looking for fishy meal options in the past, a quick go-to would always be Long John Silvers. It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, but Long John Silver's  was always there for those of us who needed an alternative to eat on Fridays, or for anybody who was looking for some fast fish.

At one point we had Long John's locations on Western, N Pierce, Bell, Ross, and Paramount.

Now, we have none.


Well, within the past few years Long John Silver's as a whole has been struggling nationwide and as you would guess, that means that locations around the nation would close down. And Amarillo's Francises were among the first to go.

But even though Long John Silver's locations are dwindling in numbers, that doesn't mean that they are completely gone. As a matter of fact, if someone from Amarillo were devoted enough to make a pilgrimage to have a taste of some mediocre fried fish, there are a small handful of surviving Long John Silver's locations.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Just a little over one-hundred miles away from Amarillo, the remote town of Clovis has a Long Johns location.

So if you're ever are desperate for a taste of that long lost Long John Silver's and are ready to make a hour and a half trip, here's your spot.

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