The social work program at West Texas A&M is taking part in National Suicide Prevention week by hosting a Suicide Prevention Day.

West Texas A&M's event featured a variety of booths representing the different agencies associated with suicide prevention.  There are many vendors with prevention at the core of their business and they were also present.  The event was held in the Jack B. Kelley Student Center in Legacy Hall.

Numbers from the American Association of Suicidology are remarkable.  A person commits suicide in America every 12.3 minutes.  An estimated 5 million people have had a close family member or friend take their own life.  Most experts believe most suicidal people don't want to die but simply want to end the pain they are experiencing.

West Texas A&M set the goal of providing students and the public with the information they need to recognize the signs and symptoms of a person potentially wanting to end their life and provide ways they can get the person help.


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