Every city in America has its slogans or strange things about them. Amarillo is no different I'm learning. There are random statues and art type things all around the city. However, the strangest thing I've seen so far are the bizarre street signs you'll find in peoples yards and random places.

As I started to see these, sure I got a good laugh at them but came away completely perplexed as to what they meant. So naturally, I did a little homework.

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These signs were apparently the brain child of Stanley Marsh III. Name sound familiar? Yeah, because his other project was Cadillac Ranch. Stanley has a pretty strange sense of humor if you ask me. He created a bunch of different fake signs with phrases like "Fantasy supplies what life doesn't" and "Welcome To Amarillo. Home of 160,000 nice people and a few soreheads". Back in 2015, a group that called themselves "Erase the Marsh Madness" was created. They wanted these signs taken down due to the fact that Marsh was accused of sexual assault.

However, that didn't stop people from creating their own signs...and they're hilarious and rather confusing at times. For example, there's a sign of a random bird that has a bubble on it's beak. Clearly, there's no purpose for the sign but is it ever good for a laugh.

Some signs you can find as you're leaving Cadillac Ranch include a sign asking you to "Drive Friendly Honey", a bright pink sign with the words "Hot Pink" emblazoned in white and and all yellow sign that simply states "Egg Yolk" on it.

I come from Austin, and the phrase there is "Keep Austin Weird". I think Amarillo is trying to give Austin a run for it's money in that department. You can see a few of these signs here.

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