If you find yourself heading west on I-40 on a Sunday, sometime in the afternoon or early evening, you will more than likely come across this. Every time I see this, I have one question burning in my mind.

Who is this patriotic mystery person parked above I-40, and why are they there?

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A Person In A Utility Vehicle Waving The Flag Above I-40

When you're traveling along I-40, I would wager you never think to yourself that at some point a random person would be perched above the interstate waving a flag. It's just not something you expect to be a part of your travels.

However, they're there. I've seen this person multiple times and always on a Sunday.

They seem friendly enough. While our nation's flag dances in the wind behind them, they offer a wave to travelers passing under the bridge. Some people honk. Others wave back.

It honestly winds up being a pretty positive experience.

Still, The Question Remains. Why Sit With The Flag Over I-40?

As friendly and nice as this person is, I still want to know why would they do it.

Are they just trying to be a force for positivity? Are they hoping to encourage people? Do they simply want to make people smile with a friendly wave?

Perhaps they fancy themselves a patriot and they are just wanting to send out good, patriotic vibes to travelers.

If You Are The Person Or Know The Person, Please Get In Touch With Me

I have questions that need answering, and in my personal experience, things like this usually have a deeper meaning behind them than we all think. Very rarely is it ever that a person wakes up and does something like this just to kill the time.

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