I love the fact that the Tri State Fair is back in town. I hate the fact that I have to miss it this year. I am not complaining because I got a precious new granddaughter out of the deal. Working from Dallas this week means I will not be home in time before the fair leaves.

With that being the case it means you need to make sure you don't miss all the greatness that is their food. I love the fact that they open up the gates at lunchtime for free so you can go and eat their great foods. Take a trip with your coworkers and make an hour of it.

Of course you can get a corn dog, or those curly potatoes, how about a turkey leg? I see many people walking around with those. Anything on a stick you want? You can get it this week at the fair. I feel a lot of people have really been missing out since last year was a no-go. So take advantage of it.

The two fair foods I get every time is the stuffed sopapillas. I mean those are fabulous and that hot sauce. I mean really. That is one of the foods I hunt down every year.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The other one? I laugh about this one because I was once told this meal is big enough for two people. Yeah, it's big. I don't share food though. I mean I like a challenge. If you haven't tried the Indian Taco  you are missing out. It's a great value for the price. Definitely another one of my must haves. I love the Indian Taco. It is fry bread topped with deliciousness....ground beef...lettuce....onions...tomatoes...cheese....sour cream....jalapenos. Try it. I bet you will love it too.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I am really sad to be missing out on all the great food this year. If you go and get food send in some pictures.

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