We got one last Trade-A-Thon in before Christmas last week.

It’s the show that invites you to call in and list for sale anything under the sun with the exception of guns and ammunition.  That’s what Damron’s Pawn is for.


We ask all our callers a poll question before the make their listing.  It helps us get to know them and provides a theme that ties together all our calls. This week we kept with Christmas themed questions and it’s one we’ve asked before.

Are you on the naughty or nice list?

Naughty 9

Nice 11

So we had 9 honest people and 11 that we’re kidding themselves about Santa’s standards.


We go over the rules of the program at the beginning of each hour.  Along with the regular five rules , I always bring you a sixth rule that changes every week.  This week was my opportunity to bring you another somewhat traditional Rule 6 for Trade-A-Thon.

Rule #6: Don’t allow the absence of someone at your holiday gathering affect your enjoying the time spent with those attending.

Next up on Trade-A-Thon presented by Damron’s Pawn, our New Year’s pre-party!

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