Saturday marked the third edition of Trade-A-Thon presented by Damron’s Pawn.

It’s the show that allows you to broadcast your classified listing, live on-air at News Talk 940.  We do it every Saturday from 9-Noon.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their listing.  It provides a theme that ties all the calls together and helps us get to know our caller a little better.  We’ve been asking Christmas themed questions since we re-launched the show.

We’ve asked about your tree and your shopping.  This week we wanted to know about the exterior of your home.

Do you have Christmas lights outside your home?

Yes 9

No 18

Amarillo seems to have a lot of outdoor decorators.  On the show it was 2-1.  I’ve got one string of lights outside on my balcony at the Sleepy Hollow Penal Facility.


We go over the rules of the show at the beginning of each hour.  Along with the five regular rules, I always bring you a special Rule #6.  It changes every week and is inspired by something I saw, did, or said over the previous week.  Earlier in the week I had a thought about the way we judge people.

Rule #6 Appreciate people for what they are not instead of judging them for what they are.

See you this Saturday for another Trade-A-Thon presented by Damron’s Pawn!

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