Has life seemed a bit drab? Monotonous? Lifeless?

Well, whatcha waiting for? Here's a good way to stir that pot you call Life till you get everything topsy turvy just like you want!

Based on the latest bookings of Randall County, these are the three things you can do, separately or all at once, to get yourself tossed into the slammer!

Drinking....and Driving!

Grab your beers......and chug 'em. Now start your engines, and just keep going. Don't stop till you see the red and blues behind you!

Drinking.....In Public!

Public intoxication, mublic pintoxshication......right?


Nothing you haven't told them twice already, anyway.


My point? Made.

My conclusion? Please don't actuallly do this.

I beg of you, don't drink and drive. Be law-abiding citizens. Please.


Wild, Weird, & Outright Odd Crimes of the Texas Panhandle in 2022

There's some strange things that happen here in the Texas Panhandle. And we do mean strange.

If you need a few examples....keep scrollin' to see some of the wild, weird, and flat out odd things that our local hellions have gotten themselves into this year....so far.

The Biggest Drug Busts in the Texas Panhandle for 2022

Amarillo can be a rowdy place with some lawless characters. Here's some of the biggest drug busts made in the Texas Panhandle for 2022, so far.

Let's just say that these folks are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Note from editor: An indictment is not a conviction. All individuals shown below who have not appeared in court for a judgement are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

REVIEW: Amarillo Homicides in 2022

The year 2021 saw a staggering 24 homicides in Amarillo, Texas--the highest number the city had seen since 1994. A lower figure for 2022 was predicted, but the year finished out with a total of 28 homicides.

Below is a partial list of those accused in this year's murders. We have intentionally left off this list those who have been No Billed by a grand jury, had their charges modified to a lesser offense, or wherein the accused is a juvenile.

This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change, pending legal proceedings.

Updated: January 10, 2022

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