I'm a sucker for historical homes. Especially for the ones that have official historical markers and plaques--like the Avery and Mary Turner house. And I bet you've never really paid attention to this particular piece of history that's hidden in plain view within the heart of Amarillo's historic Plemons-Eakle neighborhood.

Here's the bungalow of South Polk: the Eakle-Archer House

Cinda Lovato w/ Keller Williams
Cinda Lovato w/ Keller Williams

I found this gem when I was browsing a group dedicated to old houses and was pleasantly surprised to find a listing from Amarillo that I had not seen before. You can take a look at the real estate listing here, as it has been kept up despite being off market.

Unique Design by Amarillo's Most Prolific Architect

Its location isn't too far off from the row of majestic homes of South Polk (right on the other side of the highway, actually).

But what I immediately recognize is the handiwork of its architect: Guy A. Carlander.

Hardcore local historians will recognize the name, but for those who don't....just know that Amarillo is essentially the city that Guy Carlander built. The man is responsible for some of the most remarkable places still standing here in town. The Nat, Summit elementary school, La Casita Del Sol bed & breakfast, just to name a few.

Carlander was versatile, but the funky, almost bohemian style of the Eakle-Archer home is known as Airplane Bungalow.

What Exactly is an Airplane Bungalow?

The Airplane Bungalow was popular in California during the 1920s. It is characterized by a “pop up” second floor, usually of one or two rooms; resembling a cockpit of an airplane. Think of it as a well-designed "half-story" instead of a second story.

Cinda Lovato w/ Keller Williams
Cinda Lovato w/ Keller Williams

The style is specifically mentioned in the description of the plaque in front of the home, which reads:

"Prominent Amarillo architect Guy A. Carlander designed this dramatic craftsman airplane bungalow for the Clarence M. Eakle family. Built in 1923, it features a cockpit-like upper floor and sweeping multiple gable roofs. Flared oriental and arts and crafts eaves and brackets are enhanced by various facade materials: brick, stucco, river stone, and native Alibates flint. Rancher and oilman Sam B. Archer and family bought the house in 1926 and resided here until 1945. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1994."

Anyway, the Eakle-Archer home listing is a treasure trove of curious features. Take a look at the photos below, it's a tour you'll enjoy.

The Historical Eakle-Archer Home on South Polk

Built in 1923, the Eakle-Archer home located at 2104 S. Polk is a historical gem found within the Plemons-Eakle neighborhood in Amarillo. It was designed by the legendary Guy A. Carlander for the Eakle family.

It is 3,082 square feet. 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. It is described as a dramatic craftsman airplane bungalow; the upper floor has a cockpit-like design. Take note of the sweeping multiple gable roofs, flared eaves and an exterior comprised of brick, stucco, river stone, and native Alibates flint.

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