Ever heard of a 'Barndo'? It's a unique type of home that's gained serious popularity thanks to Pinterest, Houzz, and other social media platforms.

The best way to describe a 'Barndo' is barn + condo = Barndo. It's the snug roominess of a condo, with a country twist.

The best way to explain exactly what a Barndo is and what purpose it serves (other than weird looks from people who have never heard the term before) is to ....well...show it to you.

Check out 1595 Pohnert Lane, a property listed by Triangle Realty, LLC. Located southeast of Amarillo, right off McCormick Road in the Plantation Farms neighborhood, this is 30 acres of horse property with a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Barndo.

By the way: the listing itself actually refers to the Barndo in its full glory as a 'Barndominium', which just kills me. So regal, so quirky, yet so accurate.

Anyway. Back to the listing. The Barndo itself is 1,600 square feet and was built in 2011. There is a large master suite, along with an additional bedroom. While you can see that the house has been cared for and updated lovingly with top-notch appliances and the like, the primary purpose of this Barndo is literally to live where you work.

This property is surrounded by all you could possibly need to make a livelihood of livestock, horse training, and the like. Not too far from the Barndo is a horse barn with a tack room and feed area. Then there's several pens and arenas, perfect for roping or training. This Barndo is perfect for someone who lives, breathes, and works the ranch life.

Check it out for yourself:

This Is The Quintessential "Barndo"

Barndos are the ultimate "efficient home". Take a look at this beauty of a barndo that's listed for sale with Triangle Realty, LLC.

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