Would you believe it if I told you that one of Hollywood's biggest stars actually spent a short time in Amarillo before making it onto the big screen?

Enter the Academy-Award-winning star, Adam Driver

If you haven't seen any of his work I highly recommend that you do so as soon as you finish reading this. Some of his works include but are not limited to Marriage Story, House of Gucchi, Lincoln, Silence, and most notably, the most recent Star Wars trilogies.

In a TED Talk describing his experiences before becoming a Hollywood A-lister, Driver describes living in his parent's house in Mishawaka, Indiana after graduating high school before finally making a decision to move out in 2001.

His sights were set on Los Angeles where he would make it big. Packing up and heading west in his Lincoln, Driver would travel across Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma, before his car, which was in poor condition, broke down.

Where did Mr. Driver's driver's vehicle break down?

Right Outside of Amarillo, Texas.

Having to spend some time in Amarillo, the Driver would spend almost all of his money getting his car fixed before getting back on the road and continuing toward Los Angeles. Unlike many stories of Hollywood success, Driver would not find immediate success in Hollywood, having to move back to Indiana before he got his big break into Hollywood later in life.

It's crazy to think though that an A-Lister from Hollywood would have spent some time in Amarillo during a time when he would have been unknown. And considering the nature of his stay in Amarillo, chances are that he would have had to of received some sort of help from the locals here.

Wouldn't be crazy to find out that the young adult that was passing through that you helped would end up making his way to being cast as a character in one of Hollywood's biggest franchises.

And it makes you wonder too, how many times could we have met someone who has made it big and not even know it?

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