Finally some snow this winter!!!

If you've been wondering where snow is, well here it is. We've had some occasions where we thought we were in for a snow and were left dissapointed (or happy depending on how you feel about snow).

We've been aniticapting this for a week now and now that it's hit, Amarillo is pretty much shutdown. Even though we recieved a good 3 inches of snow, the roads don't seem to be too dangerous for driving. But the instituions of Amarillo have decided that the snow we recieved is enough to shutdown and take a snow day.

Were we prepared for the snow? Probably.

Did Amarillo overreact to the snow? Probably

Although some of us will have to miss school or work over what was was a normal amount of snow, at least we get to act like we are snowed in. Finally we can stay indoors, make a cup of hot coco and binge watch your favorite television show.

But before you sit down and start up Netflix, take a look at some cool shots of the snow that residents in and around the Northwest Texas area have taken.



25 Pictures of Amarillo's First Snow of The Year

Amarillo got its first snowfall of 2023, here are some snapshots of Amarillo in white.

12 Photos of Amarillo From the Columbia Space Shuttle

You'll have to squint....but you'll see a few things you'll recognize! Get ready to get a kick out of Amarillo as seen from beyond just a bird's eye point of view!

RARE FIND: The Last Home in a Nice Neighborhood For Sale Under $200k in Amarillo

This is it. I've found it.

This is the only home for sale in Amarillo that's in a safe neighborhood, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and is under $200k (and not a total dump).

This adorable house at 1024 S. Travis is listed with Annie Miller of M Group and is listed at $199k. Check out the official listing for more details.

You'll find it in the historic Bivins neighborhood and it is just darling. Whoever gets to be the lucky buyer: treat it well.

As for the rest of us....well..good luck in the Housing Market Games of 2021.

2610 S. Hayden

This beautiful Home is located at2610 S Hayden Street in Amarillo, Texas
It was built in 1931. The home 4067 square feet and includes 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, large walk-in closet. Listed for $499,000

LOOK: The Bold, Bright Colors of 113 Sunset Terrace!

This lovely home is full of surprises! This whimsical and memorable house is listed with Heather Kirk w/ Mgroup for just under $500,000. And with 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, salt water pool, and over 60 trees--that's a steal!

📸 Cheryl Cruz for Heather Kirk w/ Mgroup



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