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Have you seen longer waits at local restaurants?

The Texas Restaurant Association says there is a massive shortage of workers in the restaurant industry in the state of Texas.

“We estimate between 100,00-125,000 workers still being sidelined,” said Joe Monastero, chief operations officer of the Texas Restaurant Association. “What that means is positions are available, but people that had them we aren’t exactly sure if they chose to go into a different industry chosen to go back to school or expand their education.”

With the worker shortage, restaurants have had to adapt. Some have resorted to QR codes and apps to enhance customer service, like Waterloo Ice House in Austin:

Waterloo has adopted new technology, Order and Pay at the table or OPT. Instead of giving your order to a server, you just use your phone.

“People seem to like to not have to wait on anyone or come to you and still have that service person bring everything,” said Shanna Moore, the bar manager at Waterloo Ice House off Loop 360.

Waterloo's chief operations officer Clayton Evans told KXAN-TV that the app allows customers to not feel rushed when ordering. He said if they have a slow business day, they do not have to close tables and make people wait.

Have you seen the effects of the worker shortage in the restaurant industry here in town? Have you been to restaurants that are resorting to apps to deal with a shortage of workers? Let us know on Facebook or on our station app.

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