This is long overdue. Texas House Bill 2232 is being debated in the Texas Legislature and if passed it would allow liquor to be sold in the state on Sundays.

According to the web site The Center Square, the bill would let Texas liquors retailers sell liquor 7 days a week.

House Bill 2232, sponsored by Rep. John Bucy, D-Austin, would allow liquor to be sold by retailers on Sundays for off-premises consumption. The measure would also need to be approved in local elections before going into effect.

For me personally and I'm sure for many of you, this is welcome news. The old Blue Laws of the past that established the practice of not allowing liquor stores to be open on Sundays is outdated.

Sunday is a day that most people have off. If this bill passes, this will no doubt help businesses since most people will have more time to head to the liquor store. Right now, retailers are missing out on a whole day to sell their products.

How many times on Sunday during football season have you run dry on liquor and have no option to replenish your supply? It's happened to me a time or two. Passing this bill would eliminate that problem.

The next step in the process is a scheduled public hearing on the bill which will take place today as stated on the Texas Legislature's official website.

So what do you think? Is the law prohibiting liquor sales in Texas on Sundays outdated? Let us know if you support the passage of Texas House Bill 2232 and would approve Sunday liquor sales if it was put on the ballot here in San Angelo.

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