In the vast expanse of the Texan Panhandle, 50 miles east of Amarillo, lies the eerie remnants of a forgotten past, the Boydston Cemetery. Steeped in history and mystery, this abandoned cemetery stands as a haunting reminder of the bygone era that once thrived here.

The Ghosts Of Boydston 

The Boydston Cemetery dates back to 1894 when it was established in the aftermath of a tragic and unusual Malaria outbreak that claimed the lives of several early settlers in the area. The disease was traced back to stagnant water at a nearby spring, which was the primary source of drinking water for the village. In response to this devastating event, improvements were made to eliminate the stagnant water, and the cemetery was set up as the final resting place for those who lost their lives to the deadly epidemic.

The passage of time has turned it into a forgotten cemetery along the legendary Route 66, Today, all that remains of this once-remembered spot is a Historic Cemetery Marker.

Where To Find It

The cemetery is hidden a quarter mile south of I-40, just west of the Texas Highway 70 exit. As one venture down the old dirt 1926 US66, one will still find some original concrete culverts along its alignment, hinting at the road's past grandeur.

Despite its historical significance and the number of people laid to rest here, the Boydston Cemetery stands in a state of abandonment and neglect., It seems like this more remote resting place seems to be forgotten by time itself.

The serenity and haunting charm of the Boydston Cemetery make it an ideal destination for history enthusiasts, photographers, and explorers seeking to connect with the past. Although forgotten by many, this place continues to carry the memories of those who once lived and thrived in Jericho, whispering stories of life, loss, and survival in the face of adversity.

As the sun sets on the Texas plains, casting long shadows over the silent graves, the Jericho Cemetery stands as a testament to a long-forgotten history. So, if you find yourself near Amarillo, take a detour from the well-worn highways and venture into the history-laden backroads to discover the ghostly remnants of Jericho Cemetery - a place that holds the secrets of its past within its hallowed grounds.

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