Since the virus started last year we got really used to hearing event after event cancel. We knew each day that something else was going to be called off. We understood. It was definitely the most 2020 thing. Then 2021 came and we had some hope. Things started opening back up and things were getting back to normal.

Then the numbers started growing recently and choices had to be made. With Labor Day weekend being just around the corner decisions needed to be made. What is it going to look like for the remainder of the year?

Boys Ranch hosts their big rodeo over that weekend. They have a huge barbecue, rodeo and just a lot of fun. Decisions had to be made and the decision to postpone had to be made.

The safety of children, staff and guests is the No. 1 priority for Boys Ranch.

With that priority in mind, the 2021 Boys Ranch Rodeo has been postponed due to concerns about COVID-19 and the delta variant.

When the situation changes, Boys Ranch plans to allow the children to compete safely in the events they have prepared for all summer. The Boys Ranch Rodeo has been a Labor Day Weekend tradition since 1945.

With it being just a few weeks ago and a time that a ton of people flock to Boys Ranch it is understandable. Is it disappointing? Of course. It's just one of those things that we have to worry about the bigger picture. Let's hope that everything turns around soon. Let's hope that soon we can be able to enjoy everything again.

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