Photo by Jeremy O'Donnell/Getty Images

We celebrated both St. Patrick's Day and Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale this last Saturday on the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

If you missed it this weekend, you missed the trials and tribulations of Leroy.

Leroy called in and immediately was in violation of Rule #4.  This is the rule stating 'when you get on the air be sure your radio is turned down'.  This is because we are on a profanity delay and it is horribly distracting to hear what was happening six seconds ago coming back through the phone line.

I let Leroy finish his item and since his radio was so loud I let him finish it a second time through the radio(which created him saying it a third time and fourth ad infinitum, only at ever decreasing volume, like looking in a mirror with a camera).

As Leroy finished for the second time a distraught female could be heard in the background admonishing him for getting their phone number wrong.  He read the number wrong again.  She yelled louder at his mistake.

This left Katilyn G and myself a bit flustered and confused.  Unfortunately Leroy got the number wrong again.  His wife totally lost her mind.  I'm pretty sure there was a f-bomb in there.  We had to let Leroy go.

We are praying for you Leroy.


This week's big question was a matter of the holiday, which isn't really a holiday at all but an excuse to mess up perfectly good beer with a bit of food coloring and too much consumption.  Since everyone claims Irish heritage on the big day we had to know if our callers had any real Irish blood in them.  19, including Katilyn G and myself claim at least a drop.  28 said no.


Our special Rule #6 was something of a vocabulary lesson.  I'm fond of using the word 'perfunctory' quite often when discussing what is coming up on the show.  I happened to look it up the other day and it doesn't mean quite what I thought.  It's an adjective meaning 'lacking in interest or enthusiasm'.  That's not the Tradio way!  We are fun 100% of the time!

Rule #6: We put the 'fun' in perfunctory.

See you next Saturday for The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

And pray for Leroy...