The show who's mission is to bring buyers and sellers together was back at it last Saturday.

It's want ads on the radio and you are invited to phone in your listing this Saturday. We had nearly 30 people call in during our last show and we'll have room for you next time.  It's totally free to participate and of course you can simply kick back and listen if you have nothing to list.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their listing.  Sometimes topical, sometimes or local interest, we try to keep it a "yes, no" or "this or that" question.  This week show producer Porky suggested the topic.

Chicken and steak are pretty big around these parts.  One popular way to eat them are in strips or fingers.  Porky blurted out this question and it seemed a good one to ask.  One can never go wrong with food questions.

Chicken strips or Steak fingers?

Chicken Strips 11

Steak Fingers 16

Steak fingers won the day.  Personally I prefer chicken strips.  Seems like every steak finger I've ever had contained a vein of fat unchewable by any standard.

The question did inspire a joke.  We decided that a good James Bond movie would be "Steakfinger" starring Beyonce as a Bond girl named "Chicken Strip".  You know you'd watch it.


At the beginning of each hour we bring you instructions on how to participate in Trade-A-Thon.  We also recite the official rules of conduct on the show.  It helps everyone stay on the same page and provides an opportunity to bring new listeners and potential callers into the fold.

I also bring you a special rule #6 that changes every week.  Sometimes it is inspired by something I heard or said over the previous week.  Somewhat of a poor man's observational humor.  This week I had the perils of being a seller on my mind.

Many pay for their Trade-A-Thon purchases with cash.  If you are going to buy something from someone on the show we ask that you bring plenty of change.  Our sellers don't maintain a cash box.  Dickering on price is totally fine but don't come to pay for an $80 item with a $100 bill.  It isn't fair to expect our sellers to be able to make change for you, especially if they are selling one item.

Rule #6 When paying for your Trade-A-Thon purchase please pay in exact change.


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