Another fun Saturday of the radio escapades continued Saturday with another airing of The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon.

It's the show that invites you to call in to sell the things you don't need for the money you do.  Its want-ads on the radio and you are invited to call every Saturday from 9-Noon.  We don't mind if you just sit back and listen.  It is a free country.


We ask each caller a poll question before they give their ad.  It provides a running theme of thought during the show and helps us better get to know our callers.

The show starts at 9a and I get up at 5a to get it ready to go.  Usually at some point during that time span, inspiration for The Big Question strikes me.  Unfortunately for last Saturday's show, I was stumped.

For the first time since we started doing the show nearly 10 years ago, I was stumped.  Every question I came up with left me fearing it would chase people off instead of being a side note.

We did something a little different with The Big Question last week.  Instead of me having a question for you, I invited everyone to call in a pose a question to me.  Without restriction on subject or topic, I took a chance on Trade-A-Thon's version of "stump the band".

I got a lot of good questions and hopefully I gave some good answers.  My fallback on my possible inability to answer any given question was to answer with a joke and this served me rather well.  Although my discussion of capitalism and how business has basically eliminated the potential for large scale war might have been met with some skepticism.

The only drawback was we spent way too much time talking and not enough time buying, selling, and trading.  But most seemed to have fun with approaching The Big Question in reverse and I suspect we'll do it again.


At the beginning of each hour I bring you the official rules of the program.  We recite them each hour to bring new people up to speed and to remind the seasoned veteran callers the code of ethics associated with the show.

Mother's Day is coming this weekend and Rule 6 was all how you needed to get your cards and letters to your Mom and other mom's in your life purchased and in the mail early this week.  They are the life givers and sandwich makers, the least you can do is get them a good card.  Don't, again, settle for a card that is one picked over, bent, with fingerprints.  There is still time!

I also think the best companion for a card is a letter and I try to include at least a short one with the cards I send.  Let's face it, you may have found the perfect card but ultimately you paid for the words contained therein.  The mom you are trying to recognized, and truly anyone receiving a card from you for any reason, will be 10 times touched and delighted than if they'd simply gotten a card.

Rule #6: Buy your Mother's day card(s) today before all the good ones are gone.  Include a short letter.  And if your Mom is no longer with us, honor her memory by recognizing a mother you know.

I truly enjoyed last Saturday and every Saturday that I get to host The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon.   Join me this Saturday from 9-Noon on KIXZ!