We are less than a month away from Mother's Day. Of course this is the warning to make sure you remember to do something nice for your mom. If she is anything like me she sure doesn't expect anything expensive from her kids.

The only thing I always wanted was their time and when younger a homemade gift was my favorite. When my daughter was growing up we spent nearly every Mother's Day at Wonderland Park. We always had fun. One Mother's Day we started the day with that and ended it with a wrestling event at the Amarillo Civic Center. Of course that was more for her than for me but I got my time with her.

Every year she asks what I want. I just want time with her. It is more difficult now that she is living in Dallas. I would be happy with a Facetime visit with her watching a movie this year. I don't want a gift. I don't need anything.

Over the next few weeks we will highlight specials that we find here in Amarillo for Mother's Day. The first one I found was when  was scrolling through Facebook and saw that Butterlove Biscuits (3440 S Bell) is having a special for dear ol' mom.

Each mom will get a free Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake. They are also offering all mimosa's for $5. That reminds me of that meme I always see around Mother's Day. Pretty much saying to remember mom on Mother's Day with her favorite beverage of choice because you are the reason she drinks. That one always makes me chuckle.

credit; Butterlove Biscuits FB page
credit; Butterlove Biscuits FB page

I have had Butterlove Biscuits mimosa's and they are good. So any mom will love those as well. So as we are getting closer to that day to celebrate mom start making your plans. There will be plenty of things to do around Amarillo that is for sure.

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