The show that prides itself on being the most useful radio for our listeners once again took to the air Saturday morning.

It's the show where you can buy and sell pretty much anything except guns or ammunition.  That's what Erwin Pawn is for.

We do it every Saturday morning from 9 to noon.  We turn the airwaves over to you and hopefully you make good use of the opportunity.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their items.  It is sometimes out of left field or plain wacky.  This week we kept it topical.

With the city still digging out from a foot of snow we were curious if you found the snow delightful or a big pain.

Did you like the snow?

Yes 29

No 5

As you can see, the snow was welcomed by most of our callers.  Most said since it was a wet snow and melted so quickly it wasn't so bad.  Most agreed we needed the moisture.


Along with the regular rules of the program we always bring you a special Rule #6.  It changes each week and is sometimes an aphorism of sorts, poor man's observational humor and other times it is just good advice.

Tuesday was the first day the IRS began accepting electronic income tax forms.  Unlike most years I was ready before the date they began accepting them.  I got my submitted the first day.

That got me to thinking about you and your taxes.  So many wait until the last minute and this creates undue stress.  And of course waiting until the last minute leaves you more prone to making a mistake and drawing a costly and time consuming audit.

Rule $6: Don't procrastinate on doing your taxes.

We look forward to your participation on the next Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!