It's the show that allows you to use a valuable chunk of airtime every Saturday morning to sell the stuff you no longer need to get the money you now do.

As always we had an enjoyable time bringing you the three hour extravaganza.  It start's around 9am on Saturday mornings and it set the table for the rest of the weekend.

As always you are encouraged to call but you can always just kick back and listen.  We take the show to unexpected places and often paint ourselves into a verbal corner.  Always interesting hearing us get out.


We ask all our callers a poll questions before they give their items.  It provides a running stream of thought throughout the program and sometimes it helps us get to know you a bit better.

We had our first freeze of the season Friday morning.  It got cold Friday night too.  With our unseasonably warm weather many have been able to put off running the heater.  We were curious if Friday night was the final straw.

Did you turn the heat on last night?

Yes 15

No 13

When its split down the middle, it was a good question.  Many people like myself want to see Atmos get as little of our money as possible and refused to turn on the heat until the sheets froze to the bed.  Other, more affluent members of the audience ran their heaters and not for the first time this season.

Oh, to be one of those people...


Along with the regular rules of the program which we bring you at the beginning of each hour I also bring you a special Rule #6.  It changes every week, sometimes inspired by something that happened to me or something I observed.

This week I was thinking about disclaimers and how asinine they can be.  Many of them are so obvious you wonder who broke that rule which caused the disclaimer to be printed in the first place.  It gave me inspiration for guidance on disclaimers.

Rule #6: If the disclaimer teachers you anything you are too young to use the product.

See you next Saturday for another Trade-A-Thon!