There's all kinds of business going on in the business room, except the business the room was made for.  People are whipping it out.  The 'it' being their cellphones.

Many people act as if they are a cyborg; part human, part cellphone.  It goes with them everywhere they go; literally.

The bathroom.

A recent study has show 75% of you are texting on the phone while on the toilet.  Watch that you don't drop it in there, lest you need some rice and a Tupperware container.

More than 90% of you will return a call from the loo.

Another recent study was recently released that says internet addiction is a growing problem among our youth.  These two assertions seem to go hand-in-hand...or hand-in-bathroom.

The real problem is people not knowing a bathroom is not a conference room.  There's a reason all the bathroom readers stay in there, they're contaminated! And now your phone is too! Bleckh!


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