Picking a name for your new born baby can be a difficult decision. For some, the decision is about honoring family, while for others it's about uniqueness.

24/7 Tempo just released its list of the 2020 most popular baby names from around the country, and the one thing I'm seeing is that we are all thinking alike.

Gone are the days when the boys were named Tom, Dick or Harry. (That was my dad's favorite list of names to use when he was talking about random people) You'd even be hard pressed to find girls named "Karen" these days, as somehow that name has become a definition or a punchline more than a name.

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24/7 Tempo used data from the Social Security Administration, and in all there were as many as 151,520 female births and 167,591 male births in Texas in 2020.

With those numbers in mind, Liam was the most popular boy name in Texas, with 2,199 or 1.31% getting that name on their birth certificate. In fact, Liam was the most popular in 23 states. Noah and Mateo finished second and third here in Texas, with Noah being chosen 2,065 times and Mateo being chosen 1,701 times.

For girls it was Olivia landing at the top spot, with 1,912 baby girls getting that name. Olivia was the most popular girl name in 29 states. Here in Texas, Emma would finish second with 1,831 or 1.21% of baby girls receiving the name, while Camila finished third with 1,734 or 1.14% of newborn girls getting that name.

For those with babies on the way who are looking for names, you could go with the trendy picks or something along the family lines, but if that doesn't satisfy you, check out some questions you can ask yourself before choosing your baby's name curtesy of HUFFPOST.

Aaron seems to be a name that has stood the test of time!

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