I grew up on the east coast and never heard of a homecoming mum until I moved to Texas. I quickly found that that the tradition really is a Texas thing. When I think of a mum, I picture a small flower or bouquet of flowers. I knew the saying that things are bigger in Texas, but I quickly got schooled on just how big things get when it comes to homecoming mums.

The tradition of the homecoming mum started as just that, a simple mum. Typically it was given by a guy to a girl, just like many give corsages at prom. From there, the tradition blossomed (yes, pun intended) into what we know as the homecoming mum today.

The Texas homecoming mum is such a tradition, that there has even been a short documentary on the subject. It is said that the tradition began in the 1940's as a fundraiser for a fraternity. From there, it was such a hit, that it grew (yes, pun intended again) into a college tradition. Somewhere during the 1980's, it migrated over to high schools and has been going strong ever since.

Now if you are in need of a mum or a little help on how to make yours standout, there is no shortage of experts. A quick search on social media will put you in contact with numerous mum experts that can craft the perfect one to fit your needs. Also, check YouTube. There are pages and pages of tutorials to help you with the craft project of the year.

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