Well-known Texas artist Rich O'Toole has partnered with social media site "Sorry I'm Texan" to launch the first-ever Texas-themed emojicons (or emojis) called TexMoji.

According to the official TexMoji Twitter account, the app will feature the requisite Lone Star State staples, including our beloved state flag, the favorite beverages of Texas, tacos and famous landmarks.

We noticed a few standout emojis above, including the famous Whataburger order number table tent, a carton of Blue Bell ice cream, an 85 mph speed limit sign and The Alamo.

Says O'Toole of the Texmoji project: "If you enjoy using emojis and you're Texan by birth or by heart, then you'll love using TexMojis," says O'Toole. "It's coming soon. Some come on ya'll, let's get to TEXtin'!"

The new app will be available in late May. In other news: is it late May yet?

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