Have you seen this photo popping up on your Facebook feed lately?  In the last two days I have seen it appear on at least 3 different sites.

Tascosa Drive-In  put this up on their marquee and posted it on their Facebook page on December 15, 2016 in response to I'm guessing, the controversy surrounding "Happy Holidays" being used in places instead of "Merry Christmas".

If you didn't catch the joke, it's Jenny's number.  As in the Tommy Tutone song 867-5309/Jenny.

Here's that original post.

I have seen it recently on Guy Humor

Here it is on Minion Quotes:

It was on Laugh or Croak Too as well.

It's is popping up every where.
If you see it share it with us. It's fun to see a photo or a post that originated in Amarillo pop up.

Oh and it looks like Tascosa Drive-In is at it again.

I wonder if this one will pop up all over social media 2 years from now.

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