Back in 2009 Amarillo, Texas was witness to what was one of the strangest events that we've seen. The city became the unlikely battleground for a strange clash between swingers and what was an infamous radical Christian evangelical group called "Repent Amarillo".

It all started near downtown Amarillo at the Route 66 Party and Event Rental, owned by Mac and Monica Mead, which was the covert meeting place for Amarillo's swingers--or so it's said. The location remained a relative secret until one New-Years Eve when the incognito swingers were met with brassy and loud protesters at the building's parking lot.

Led by the self-proclaimed spiritual warriors of Repent Amarillo, the protesters were on a mission to save souls and shut down the club. The swingers, who were mostly average joes found themselves caught in a clash against these fervent evangelists.

The Repent Amarillo group, armed with bullhorns, and cameras made it their mission for a short while to destroy the swingers' reputations and the Route 66 business that hosted these parties. They resorted to stalking patrons, gathering license plate numbers, and exposing their personal information online resulting in many swingers losing their jobs.

A Game of Attrition

The Repent Amarillo group would routinely show up at the Route 66 Party and Event Rental, protesting even at events hosted that were completely unrelated to the swinger parties.

The owners of the event center would try to get a peace bond from the Amarillo courts which would help keep the Repent Amarillo group away, but the Amarillo judge that oversaw the hearing ruled that there was not enough evidence to issue a peace bond.

During a swingers party at the home of an attorney who represented the Route 66 business, Repent members trespassed and obstructed the driveway. Both local deputies and state troopers were called on and soon arrived on the scene.

The state trooper documented the incident for a report, while local deputies dismissed the complaint. Later on, there was an altercation between Repent and the trooper, which led to deputies asking for the trooper to leave, which he did.

Repent Amarillo's protests eventually drove the Route 66 club to bankruptcy, forcing the swingers to sell. Although it may be less for the reasons of morality as it is the blight of limelight that Repent Amarillo and its radicalized evangelists brought..

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