The malls in Amarillo have changed over the years. I say malls because if you haven't lived here long we did use to have two. We had Westgate Mall and Western Plaza. Over the years we have seen stores come and go.

Here are some of the ones in Westgate Mall that I really miss. I may have missed some. In fact, I am sure I have. These are the important ones for me over the years.


Meryn's was definitely top on my list. They were the big place to go on Black Friday. They gave out such the coolest things. More important they were cooler than Penny's and Sears. I shopped there mainly for the work clothes. I had a real job then and it was the Kohl's before Kohl's was here in Amarillo. I miss Meryn's.

Disney Store

There are not a lot of Disney Store's open still. I know I shopped there MANY times when it was in Westgate Mall. I loved this store. I bought many memories there. All of my daughter's Halloween costumes, her Pooh piggy bank, Pooh cookie jar. This one hurt when they closed. I went to one in Grapevine Mills a few weeks ago. Oh even with not many open this still hurts hard.


I had to be reminded of this place. Yep, Deb's I know we went to it often. This was the place to go to at prom season. They had all the cool dresses. Many cool clothes and accessories. Yep, thanks for the memories.

KB Toy Store

I mean this wat THE toy store in Westgate Mall. It was lined up and down with so many cool toys. We would stop by to get many of gifts for birthday parties and Christmas. We need a toy store in Westgate Mall.

Cattle Call

I know, this is not a store. Who, though, remembers the great onion rings they had at Cattle Call. "Who You Gonna Call? Cattle Call." Oh and don't forget that awesome apricot jelly and Texas Toast. This was back when the mall was cool.

Lights Off Golf

I mean this was cool when it opened up in Westgate Mall. A fun place to play putt putt but it was inside the mall without any lights. So way cool. It used to be a fun place to have a birthday party. My daughter was always excited to get invited to a party here.

The Kat (101.9) Classic Rock

Do you remember when we had a radio station inside of Westgate Mall? If I remember correctly it was down almost by Mervyn's. Forgive me if I am wrong. I just remember that as you walked down that section you could see the deejay inside the control room. As an avid radio listener and future radio personality, it was cool. Now just as an fyi....this station is now part of our group of stations. Over the years it changed to Kat Country, Blake FM, to name a few and now it is 101.9 The Bull.

Miller's Outpost

Another one I had to be reminded of. Once I was. Yep this was a cool place. Miller's Outpost had all kinds of cool clothes. It later changed to Anchor Blue, I don't remember if it lasted in Westgate Mall after the change. Still a lot of coolness came out of this place.

Wet Seal

Another great girls clothing store. I know I spent lots of time and lots of money here. They had a lot of great sales.


Another store I spent lots of time and lots of money in. I remember when it wasn't in Westgate Mall. It was across Soncy. Then it moved in. My daughter loved this place. We shopped WAY too much here. She was stylin' because of Justice. Yeah those were much simpler times in the early 2000's.

Limited Too

I feel like this was a store like Justice before Justice was Justice. Maybe I am wrong. I just know and remember this store too. I think Justice even moved into the same location that Limited Too was in. Am I crazy? Both stores were super cool.

Everything's A Dollar

This store gave me the use of the best quote ever. This was open back in late eighties or early nineties. I remember my best friend, Julie, picking up an item and asking me how much this was? LOL. I just replied. "Duh, Everything is a Dollar."

Body Central

This one hurts me on a personal level. My daughter got a gift card for Christmas from her best friend Breeze, yep and then a few months after they went out of business. She never got to buy one outfit with that card. Man my daughter loved the clothes at this store.

Chess King

Looking for cool clothes at the time? I mean if you were hip and in the 80's this was the place to shop. Oh and Westgate Mall had one. We are pretty cool.

The Loft

Ooh another one I forgot about. This is why I ask my friends. How did I forget this one? The great clothes. Yep, we were styling back when The Loft was open. You could also catch some great sales. A store we all miss.

Who did I miss? These are my top places. I know there were others. Let me know.

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